Our Services

Generation Schools Network provides services to schools, districts, and community-based organizations committed to transforming public schools through more and better learning time.

New Schools: Generation Schools Network is a leader in launching new schools, specifically in turnaround settings. We work with new school leaders to reorganize the resources that districts already have–particularly talent, time, and technology–to implement the first and only education model in the nation that expands learning time and reduces class size for all students in core courses in a cost-effective way.  

Coaching and Technical Assistance: We help to transform existing schools and districts through coaching and technical assistance that drive more and better learning time using the Generation Schools Model in the areas of school redesign, retention and recruitment, learning and teaching, blended learning, health and wellness, college/career transition and leadership support and accountability.

Learning Opportunities and Resources: We provide learning opportunities to individuals, schools, districts, and community-based organizations committed to reinventing public education with the goal of giving students the skills to succeed in school, work, and life.

How We Work

We leverage lessons learned to address critical student, teacher and community needs.

We provide tools, training and technical assistance that help teams develop shared expectations, values, schema and language toward sustainable and scalable solutions.

Implement our well-tested theory of change to guide groups through a process that includes changing mindsets, structures, practices and policies.

We offer templates, training, protocols and work plans that drive change.

We offer customizable engagements that can include new schools in turnaround settings, school redesign with existing schools, workshops, coaching, site visits, and design and implementation support contracts to match the client’s needs, budget, and opportunity.