Generation Schools Network (GSN) invites Colorado school-based and district-based teams to engage in a blended learning experience to turn your school around by building your team’s capacity to create a high-impact, student-centered learning environment supported by a strong and inclusive school culture.

As part of this two plus-year program, participants will receive on-site coaching and
powerful tools, resources, and support from national and local education experts.

The result? A knowledgeable, focused school leadership team who works collaboratively to prioritize goals and initiatives that positively impact student learning and ensure student success.




School or district based teams (three or more leaders per team) are invited to engage in a journey to grow their individual and collective leadership skills to drive productive change. Participants will receive training, coaching, resources, and a powerful combination of supports along the way to help their school and district set goals, monitor progress, and drive results in closing achievement, opportunity and workforce readiness gaps.

Generation Schools Network (GSN) collaborates with schools and districts to help them launch new schools in turnaround settings and dramatically improve performance in existing schools. We’re committed to transforming public education with tools that help school leaders reorganize and repurpose the resources that districts already have—particularly talent, time, and technology—to create schools that simultaneously serve students, teachers, and industry well. Participants will also receive training on how to implement proven practices from Battelle for Kids (BFK), a national not-for-profit organization committed to empowering teachers, developing leaders, and improving school systems to advance student-centered learning and ensure the growth and success of all students.



  • Build your personal understanding of school turnaround practices
  • Gain insight on your own leadership ability and build a strong school-based leadership team
  • Align staff to achieve common goals and outcomes
  • Use and build Turnaround Leader Competencies to increase student outcomes and model Colorado Principal Quality Standards


  • Develop a plan to help every student achieve college and career readiness
  • Support social emotional learning and development through advocacy
  • Engage parents, business, and others in your school community
  • Build personal and staff capacity to reach students from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Engage a school-based team in driving change through ongoing support from experienced turnaround leaders and a collaborative site-based approach
  • Receive formal training in the art of coaching to support adult learning

  • Attract and retain highly skilled teachers
  • Garner community and district support
  • Remove structural barriers to maximize use of time, talent, and technology
  • Distribute leadership and develop a cadre of instructional leaders

  • Experience BFK’s Formative Instructional Practice (FIP) blended learning experience to build teachers’ capacity to deliver high-quality instruction to reach diverse learners and close achievement gaps


Grant funding available through the Colorado Department of Education;
potential path to alternative principal licensure

As a participant, you’ll experience GSN professional learning supports including:


Promising practices, strategies, and tools for launching or enhancing an advocacy program, including a curriculum with themes, such as mindfulness, grit, and goal setting


A referral guide with resources and tools that connect leaders and teachers to community partners to meet student needs, such as substance abuse, health
care, counseling, and access to food and housing


Lesson plans with strategies and
tools that help students develop the
skills, characteristics, and knowledge needed to select and succeed in their
post-secondary path; Project-based
courses that introduce career clusters, pathways, and professions
and can be stacked to fit a variety of schedules; Strategies provided for internships, concurrent enrollment, mock interviews,
workplace visits,and more
real-world experiences for students


Templates, tools, and practices that assist the leader and their team with attracting and hiring the right staff for their school


You’ll also have access to a suite of Battelle for Kids’ blended learning experiences and online resources to support leadership development and school turnaround, including:
A blended learning experience that empowers teachers to make teaching more powerful using rigorous
academic standards, student engagement techniques, differentiation to reach diverse learners (ELL,G&T, SPED), and multiple measures that inform strategies to close achievement gaps. Leadership and Coaching modules will help you ensure that FIP becomes part of your school culture


An in-depth, five-day professional learning opportunity focused on the “how” of coaching your school staff in a way that provides feedback that is targeted, well-received, and helpful to the adult learner


Applications accepted on an ongoing basis
To apply, visit:

For more information and assistance with applying for grant support
from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), contact:

 (720) 452-3600

Program participants will engage in annual retreats, regular virtual and on-site coaching sessions
and meetings with their coach and leadership team. Course work is directly applicable to
planning for school turnaround and leverages the resources provided to execute the
school turnaround process. Participants desiring a graduate-level certificate or alternative
principal licensure must meet the requirements of the higher education partner and CDE.