Core Elements

By structurally redesigning the school day and year, Generation Schools Model provides up to 30% more learning time to close achievement and opportunity gaps. The model also provides much needed planning and collaboration time to bolster teacher effectiveness so that teachers can deliver their best instruction every day.


Generation Schools

Conventional Models

Much more learning time Up to 30% more 200 days per year
(8 hours per day)
180 days per year
(6 hours per day)
Remarkably small core class sizes 18-25 30-40
Exceptional college & career guidance 280 hours per year 1-2 hours per year
Daily small advocacy groups 45 minutes daily None
Technology-enhanced learning In-class mini-labs and more Limited access
Reduced student load for core teachers 75 or fewer students daily 175 students daily
Reduced course load for core teachers 3 classes per day 5 classes per day
Expanded common planning time Up to 2 hours daily Typically 45 minutes weekly
High caliber professional development 20 or more days per year 2-4 days per year


Sensible Changes Can Transform Public Education.

Below is a sample daily schedule that illustrates how Generation Schools increases learning time for students and planning time for teaches through an innovative daily schedule.


Three Types of Teachers with Dual Roles







Teach two core Foundation courses each morning. Most teachers serve this role. Teach three courses each afternoon (electives, other cores, mandated services, etc.). Teach Intensive courses focused on college and career readiness. Each course lasts for one month.


Teach one Studio course each afternoon; or provide mandated services. Provide school administration support each morning such as attendance support. Provide Smart Start support to launch the school year and college/career guidance functions throughout the year.