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This is our first post to the Generation Schools Network Blog. We wanted to share a little with you as to why our work is critical and urgent. We look forward to advancing this work together and engaging in thoughtful conversation.

We know that the problems our students face are not just problems of schools or education. There are dimensions that are social, political and economic. We are working with many students who live awash in the stressors of poverty. Many struggle with immigration issues or English as a second language, or are living with violence. Many see parents working really hard, even if they don’t see all the benefits promised by the American dream. We know the communities, families and students are great, capacious, and deserve so much more. 

Generation Schools Network™  is committed to improving education, and we work every day with a careful attention to the need of our urban communities and the needs of families whose children might otherwise be marginalized. Our vision is of better outcomes for kids in Canarsie and West Denver and East Flatbush. We will each continue our day to day – whether it’s with the individual students at Brooklyn Generation School or West Generation Academy, or supporting a wider range of Generation School’s work.


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