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Are you interested in learning more about blended learning? Do you want to start to create blended learning environment? Join us as we explore the pieces and parts of the blended learning process. Generation Schools Network employs blended learning practices supported by technology in our instructional model. Teacher use blended learning in core foundation courses of Humanities and STEM to further differentiate and personalize instruction. Our blended learning coach, Marcia Kisch, just launched a new blended learning website. This is a great tool for teachers and leaders to explore this engaging new practice.

The Blended Learning movement is crossing the nation at a fast pace with schools and classroom implementing the model into everyday student routine.  The Blended Learning Cookbook website provides the teachers a outlook of how to start to use the different ingredients of blended learning to effectively create a working blended learning classroom. 

The Blended Learning Cookbook website is set up with different learning chapters on blended learning.  The home page of the website focuses around a quick overview of what is blended learning and how to get started with blended learning in the classroom.  

The Main Dish section dives into the meat and potatoes of blended learning which focuses on formative and summative assessment. The main goal of blended learning is to take the student data and guide the students into learning stations that best fits their needs and ability.  By using the data collected in the assessments, the students take control of their learning.  

The Side Dish section of the Blended Learning Cookbook takes the teachers on an exploration of the different tools that can be used in the classroom.  The implementation of Chromebooks, iPads, BYOD, and/or Smartboards as learning tools makes up the majority of the planning for Blended Learning.  The Side Dish section will guide teachers on how to integrate these tools into every lesson. 

The Desert section of the Blended Learning Cookbook is the sweat stuff of how to engage, collaborate, and share out what the students are working on in the blended learning classroom.  These free online website tools provide the teacher with resources that the students can use for project, back channeling, and communicating with classmates around the world. 

The Menu and the Table sections of the Blended Learning Cookbook provides resources to the teacher on how to plan and create a blended learning classroom.  Developing well rounded lesson plans and classroom structure are some of the main ingredients in the everyday routine of the blended learning environment.  

To learn more about the Blended Learning Cookbook or to sign up for your year subscription, go to

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