West Generation Academy - A New Kind of School

10th grade student

The big difference that I see is that at West Generation Academy, the students have one-on-one connections with their teachers. It’s not a basic teacher-student connection, you actually have a bond.  An example I have is my Advocacy class. I feel really connected with my Advocacy teacher because she treats me like family, like I was her blood, so I treat her the same way. She’s really playful and I’m like that too, so I think that’s also why we get along so well. She makes the environment awesome, so people feel really comfortable in that class and they can just be themselves and share freely what they think.

I’m different now because I’ve learned that there are many opportunities out there and it’s up to me to take them. Now, when opportunity is shown to me, I actually take it. I’m also learning a lot about how to reach my goals. For example, I’ve wanted to be a chef since I was ten years old but didn’t know exactly what to do to become one. With my College and Career Intensive class, I went to Johnson and Whales University where I had an opportunity to meet the chef and ask how he got to be there. Because of his advice and what I learned in my class, I have a much better idea of the path I need to follow for my future.

My personality and confidence have also changed. I used to be really quiet and wouldn’t talk a lot but now I’m really comfortable and I feel confident talking to almost anyone. This change happened because many teachers ask us to open up and share things in different classes and they make it a safe thing to do.

I would suggest WGA to another student because of the many opportunities offered here. They show you the path that you can walk and the opportunities that are there for you to take. They show you different options. They help you get to where you want to be.  They help you explore college, careers, jobs, and how we can get there. I think you can be very successful if you go to this school. 

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