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GSN Partners with Leading State Organizations to Share Next Generation Learning Strategies

Integration Showcase: Connecting the Dots to Increase Student Achievement
Presented by Colorado Legacy Foundation and Colorado Department of Education on June 16-18 at Vail Cascade Resort & Spa. Jon Reinhard, VP Learning & Teaching at Generation Schools Network™ will be co-presenting in two sessions:
  • Alternative Student Measure in Next Generation…

Englewood Middle School Leads with a Change in Attitude

When you are working to transform public education, the first shift is a change in mindset, identifying what is possible and how you are significant player in the change. Middle School principal Mandy Braun in Englewood explains this concept in a recent Denver Post article. We love working with strong partners!

Our Inspiration

This is our first post to the Generation Schools Network Blog. We wanted to share a little with you as to why our work is critical and urgent. We look forward to advancing this work together and engaging in thoughtful conversation.

Generation Schools Network™ Demonstrates Cost-Effective Extended Learning Time is Achievable

Generation Schools Network™ hosted its first Generating Momentum school tour and white paper presentation in New York last week. On February 25th, 2014, more than 50 funders, policy makers, educators, union leaders and community partners gathered to learn about Brooklyn Generation School, visit classrooms, and talk with teachers and students.

Policyshop: The Generation Schools Network Model

A new report by released by the Generation Schools Network shows how schools with tight budgets can achieve dramatic improvements not by increasing spending, but by redeploying their resources. The report analyzes the pros and cons of the Generation Schools model of extended learning time as it is applied at Brooklyn Generation High School.

Models of Strategic School Design

At Generation Schools in Brooklyn and Denver, College and Career Intensive courses allow more time for professional development and planning. Across the country, innovative schools are finding new ways to organize their people, time, and money to promote student success. We call that "strategic school design." And the possibilities abound.

ERS on Generation Schools Revolutionary Programming

Education Resource Strategies, February 2014 These detailed school profiles of successful strategic designs empower school leaders to optimize their resources—people, time, and money. See how Generation Schools Network is optimizing resources.

Englewood hires Generation Schools to Overhaul District

When students at Englewood School District arrive at school next year, they won’t just find new classrooms and unfamiliar teachers. They may also be facing a totally new academic model.

An ExpandED High School Approach

Our hope is that high school principals, school district leaders, businesses, cultural organizations, youth-serving organizations, funders, researchers and other intermediaries will join us as we work to provide the educational experiences that our young people need and deserve as they lead us into the next generation.

"Improving Education" by Furman Brown TEDx, May 2011

This 15-minute video tells the story of why Furman Brown started Generation Schools Network. Nearly 200 people gathered on May 13, 2011 at the University of Denver’s Morgridge College of Education to hear Furman Brown (BA Mass Communications ’88.

GSN CEO Joins Panel at Civil Rights Research Roundtable

Discussing advancing equity through more and better learning time: Generation Schools Network™ announced its CEO has been invited to participate in this week’s Civil Rights Research Roundtable on Education. Wendy Loloff Piersee will join prominent education leaders from around the country.

The After-School Corporation

February 2014. Education Resource Strategies. Generation Schools: College and Career Intensives These detailed school profiles of successful strategic designs empower school leaders to optimize their resources—people, time, and money. See how Generation Schools Network is optimizing resources. June 2013. SW Teachers Union Reform Network SW TURN: Expanded Learning Opportunities This brief examines a selection of Colorado public schools, with stories and reflections on lessons learned. April 2013. The After-School Corporation A World of Learning – An ExpandED High School Approach This report profiles Generation Schools and other high school redesign models in NYC.

“Why Time Matters,” National Center for Time and Learning, 2012

This seven-minute video features teachers and students from four schools across the country, including Brooklyn Generation, that have “broken from the bounds of the conventional calendar and schedule offer promising alternatives to the status quo.”