The award-winning Generation Schools Model is conceptual. Generation Schools Network™ makes the conceptual a reality.

Generation Schools Network™ works with schools and districts to implement the model within their unique context. We intentionally work within the traditional public school system because this is where 90% of the students in America receive their education.  

Generation Schools Network™ is the first education reform nonprofit in the nation to implement public school solutions that expand learning time up to 30%, reduce core class size, transform college and career guidance, integrate blended learning, and increase common planning and training time for all teachers through cost-effective strategies

Our work is funded through a combination of fees from schools and districts and philanthropy.  While we continue to add more schools and districts to the Network, we remain in the research and development stage of this ambitious yet achievable work, bringing the conceptual model to reality and developing and refining the tools, techniques and technical assistance necessary to scale.

We believe that the Generation Schools Model™ has national reach and will transform public education through sustainable strategies that will serve our Nation’s most underserved populations.


Foundation Partners

  • Anschutz Foundation
  • Carnegie Corporation
  • Carmel-Hill Foundation
  • Carson Foundation
  • Colorado Education Initiative
  • Denison Family Foundation
  • Donnell-Kay Foundation
  • ECA Foundation
  • Ford Foundation
  • Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Gates Family Foundation
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Groove Automotive
  • Isrealow Foundation
  • Janus Capital Group
  • JP Morgan Chase Foundation
  • Leon Foundation
  • Lowenstein Foundation
  • Morgridge Family Foundation
  • New York State Higher Education
  • Next Generation Learning Challenges
  • Rose Community Foundation
  • The Heskscher Foundation for Children
  • Tony Grampsas Youth Services Program


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Wendy Loloff Cooper
Chief Executive Officer  
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