A Cost-Effective Solution

Great teaching transforms lives. It happens every day in some of the most difficult settings. Unfortunately, the basic organizational structures of the conventional school model prohibit too many students and teachers from achieving the levels of success of which they are capable. Our goal is to change that fact by fundamentally re-thinking the basic structures of a public school – so that all students, can prepare successfully for school, work, and life.

By re-organizing the resources districts already have, particularly time, talent and technology, we have implemented the first and only model in the nation that expands learning time significantly for all students and simultaneously reduces class size in core courses. As a result, good teachers are able to spend much more time with far fewer students. Our sensible innovations do not require an overhaul to existing teachers’ contracts and work within district budgets.

Generation Schools Network™ transforms public schools, adding up to 30% more learning without increasing costs or teacher workload.  The Generation Schools Model creates room for revolutionary programming and curricula that prepares students for success in school, work, and life.



What would it take
to prepare students
for success in school,
work, and life?

The Generation Schools Model
is the Solution

Improve school climate and improve family communication.

Student-centered learning environment.

A school culture committed to college and career preparation that links learning to life.

Every student and family assigned a faculty advocate.

Improve instruction and supports for both struggling and advanced learners.

Up to 30% more and better learning time.

Smaller class sizes and longer learning blocks in core subjects focused on helping every student achieve.

Technology supported instruction in each classroom to personalize learning.

Daily time for teachers to prepare and collaborate in order to deliver their best instruction every day.

Make school more engaging through real-world, experiential learning.

Up to two months a year of rigorous, credit-bearing college & career experiences and off-site project based-learning opportunities.

Opportunity for earning an associates degree while still in high school.
Ensure that students have a relationship with at least one adult in the school.
Source:  The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives on High School Dropouts

Daily time with a small group of students and a faculty advocate dedicated to supporting individual student success through removing barriers, teaching life skills, goal setting and developing future focus.