Revolutionary Programming

Up to 30% more time allows schools and districts to incorporate Generation Schools Network’s Revolutionary Programming that prepares students for success in school, work, and life.

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College and Career Readiness:
Professional Competencies

Social and Emotional Development:
Personal Competencies

Core Academics and Enrichment:
Academic Competencies

• Collaborate
• Innovate and create
• Negotiate
• Communicate effectively
• Problem solve
• Set goals

• Adapt to change
• Build & sustain relationships
• Maintain physical health
• Manage stress
• Manage time
• Persist

• Analyze
• Gain knowledge
• Hone skills
• Research
• Synthesize
• Evaluate


Changing the Game for At-Risk Kids

By increasing planning time and resources available to teachers while addressing 360-degree student development, the Generation Schools Model increases academic success and postsecondary opportunities for kids.