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Business leaders are aware of the pressing need to improve K-12 education to benefit their employment pipeline and Generation Schools Network has practical ways for companies to jump in and do exactly that! Call us today to get off of the sidelines and onto the field as informed and essential partners to educators and students. Engage in college/career exploration units exposing students to industry needs, providing job shadowing, internships or apprenticeship opportunities or working with your industry partners to create a pathway into your industry and company. Your company and the students will thank you!


"The Generation Schools Network has developed an educational model that takes a 360 degree approach to creating successful academic and social-emotional outcomes for youth -- focusing on the college readiness and real life problem-solving skills of young people, while also creating increased planning time and innovative professional development for teachers. All of this is done by utilizing a school's existing resources."Claude Aska, Generation Schools Network™


Corporations/Government Agencies & Fellow Non-Profits


Volunteer: Join or sponsor a Community Engagement Team (CET), host an intern, volunteer for Peak Readiness Events, or mentor a student through College/Career transition

Give: Sponsor a Peak Readiness Event, emergency College/Career fund, creation of a Career Exploration Unit, internship, or secure a grant to support College/Career Readiness programming 


When you partner with Generation Schools NetworkTM, you help to transform public education. Your sponsorship includes naming opportunities, meaningful volunteer opportunities for your employees, and real-world learning experiences for students.  You are the critical link that connects school to life and inspires our students to dream bigger, work harder, and care more.


Corporate/Government Agency Sponsors:





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